Lets get healthy ladies


Your health is your wealth: invest in it. Here are several health tips for women to ensure that their bodies are in tip top shape.

Do not skip your breakfast. Take it this way, an engine needs fuel to be able to start in the morning, so does your body ladies. Take your breakfast to boost your metabolism and give you energy to start your day. This will also prevent you from making unhealthy eating choices during the day.

Among the health tips for women, is a very crucial tip; Sleep . Hit the sack and get your seven hours of sleep. This will not only boost your energy but it will also lower your stress and sharpen your memory.

Floss your teeth. Brushing wont cut it anymore ladies. A brush can only do so much. Imagine the bacteria trapped between your teeth; what takes care of that? Floss away to a healthy smile, while also reducing the risk for heart diseases.

Cut fats, go green and love colors. Reduce your fat intakes as much as possible. This will not only slim you down but reduce the amount of cholesterol you are carrying around. Instead opt for a more greener and colorful diet. Some spinach here, some broccoli there, some carrots in a bowl and not forgetting the apple that keeps the doctor away.

Open up to your doctor. Keeping secrets from your doctor is detrimental to your health. Open up to your doctor about your so not lovely behavior: it could be the key to your optimum health. Ladies, ensure you know your family history and that you keep track of your health records. Your doctor is your best girlfriend girl; tell it all.

Get your screenings in. Women need to have their pap smears, mammograms, blood sugar level tests, blood pressure level tests, cholesterol checks and Body Mass Index takes every year to ensure that they keep the diseases away or get to them in their early stages. This checks are extremely important as they are the bench marks that determine any health changes you should make in the future.

Sex it up. Not only does sex feel amazing, it has dozens of health benefits for women. It improves your bladder control, keeping incontinence away, lowers blood pressure, lowers heart attack risk, improves sleep, eases stress and its the most enjoyable exercise ever.

Go nuts! A healthy serving of nuts is just what the doctor ordered. Nuts contain a healthy dose of fats, proteins and antioxidants which reduce cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Therefore ladies, get into the business of eating almonds, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts.

21 Day Fix Reviews: Lose Weight Now!

What if I told you that you could lose up to 20 pounds in under 3 weeks if you followed a strict exercise and diet program that gave you a different workout to do each day for 21 days? This is a reality with Autumn Cabrese’s new 21 day fix workout and exercise program for DVD via Beachbody.

The program is complete and has thought everything through so all you need to do is follow the diet and exercise regularly. All you need are the dvds, a light and heavy set of weights, an exercise mat and your own body to help you get through various exercises like push-ups, squats and lunges. You’ll do several days of intense cardio with plyometrics style moves that will maximize your calorie burn and help you shed pounds fast.  The beachbody 21 day fix reviews show weight loss results for men and women of all ages. If you have been stuck in a rut and looking to break free from a plateau and lose up to 20 pounds, this exercise program is highly recommended.  You can do the program for 3 weeks and take a short rest and then complete another cycle of the program. Repeat this process until you have reached your goal weight. Weight loss is challenging but easily achieved if you are consistent with your diet and exercise habits. By exercising regularly, you can achieve amazing results and get the body of your dreams.

The program contains 7 workouts that target the upper body, lower body and abs. Each workout has several different styles and combinations of exercises and also has high-intensity and low-intensity options for people of all fitness and exercise levels.  If you are a beginner exerciser, don’t fret because you have multiple options. You can follow the low impact girl who does various 21 day fix exercises at a low intensity so you won’t hurt your knees or joints. Or you can follow the high-impact girl who does all the moves at top speed with great form for extra calorie burn.   Exercise is so important for your body and not just your physical fitness level, you will prevent yourself from heart problems and other medical issues in future if you maintain your body strong, fit and low-fat body percentage.

The diet program and diet guide in the 21 day fix is also extremely helpful and makes eating healthy easy to follow. All you need to do is use the containers that are provided in the exercise and weight loss program. By eating portion sized foods from the various food groups, you can monitor how much you’re eating and ensure you don’t eat too much which would result in weight gain.  This way, you can lose weight and don’t need to over think it. You just steadily lose more and more weight providing you follow the program exactly as laid out. It’s an awesome overall comprehensive program that makes weight loss both fun and effective!


Best fitness exercises


Each and everyone needs to have a well built body be a male goes for a muscularity stature and female beautiful body figure and posture. Furthermore heavy weighty people struggle to lose weight for body fitness. if one thinks really of gaining best body fitness he/she should want workouts that are effective, short, easy to follow and fun or not at least boring and it at least hits more than one area of fitness to save on one’s time the following are the most effective exercises for body muscle building and fitness development;

1.front squats-this workout aids in quad development more so when one is in practice for ironman competition. most people find it uncomfortable to do front squats an do opt for easier alternatives exercises, but for good quad development and size increment they are really effective performance:-while at the power exercise gymnasium equipment put the bar on the front of your shoulder muscles while your forearms are intermingled and your hands holding the bar rack. Push up thoroughly ensuring that your knees do not lock out.

2.arched back pull up-it involves both axes movement pulls on the thorax body parts. Exercise performance:-drape a neutral rowed handle over a pull-up with both hands as your arms are spread out.pull your chest towards the handle you are hanging on until your stomach is roughly parallel relative to the floor.

3. pushups -these workouts are done same way as the squats involving com[pound movements of all your body muscles in developing the upper body strength. exercise performance:-get into a plank position, spread out your hands than the shoulder width balancing them on the toes. your entire body should be straight from the head down to the legs supported on toes. on that position lower your body down towards the floor uniformly until your tip of the nose touches the floor if you can. Then slowly move the body back up and repeated severally the much you can.

4. Lunges-this workout involves mostly muscles of your legs including your quads, hamstring, glutes and calves. performance of the exercise;-position yourself such that the left leg is at the back and the right leg on the front. Bend your knees and the lower body to lunge-position, maintaining either knees at right angles. keeping your weight on the knees, move back up slowly to the starting position cautiously not locking your knees. Repeat this 3 times per for 15 reps.