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  • lake shore auditions
  • lake shore auditions
  • lake shore auditions
  • lake shore auditions
  • lake shore auditions

There’s more to growing up in Canada then hockey and maple syrup!

Lake Shore offers an exclusive peek into the erratic and intoxicating lives of eight sexy twenty something year olds as they move into a trendy house in downtown Toronto. The housemates take full advantage of the city’s nightlife while exploring their sexualities and pushing the boundaries they were brought up with.


Their indulgent party lifestyle and reckless behaviour tests the strength of their friendships and relationships. Every dawn will give rise to another night of cocktails, party frolic and explosive situations. Every following sunrise will be dedicated to patching up the broken pieces of their young adult life.


There’s no skirt too short, abs too tight or dare too audacious for this crew.

Stay tuned and watch out!

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q. What’s the show about?

A. Lake Shore is about the lives of eight erratic and intoxicating twenty something year olds from various ethnic backgrounds that move into a house together. The housemates explore the city’s nightlife and push the boundaries they were brought up with as they juggle work, love, friendship, and the drama that arises.


Q. What channel will we see Lake Shore on?
A. We’re still in negotiations. Stay tuned for details.


Q. When will you shoot the series?
A. We’re aiming to shoot in spring of 2011.


Q. Will the show be filmed in Toronto?
A. Yes! This is the long due Canadian reality TV show you’ll love to watch.


Q. Can I get a copy of my audition video?
A. We cannot send individual videos. However, videos from the auditions are available for your enjoyment on our YouTube channel.


Q. Where is the Lake Shore house situated?
A. We are looking at potential houses on Lake Shore Boulevard and downtown Toronto.


Q. We’ve heard fans can make guest appearances on the show. Is this true?
A. Lake Shore likes to keep things unexpected! The producers will determine guest appearances as the first season kick-starts.


Q. How can fans interact with the show?
A. Lake Shore is on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You’re invited to use these mediums to share your comments and ideas with the show’s crew, cast and fans. Participate in Toronto’s new reality TV adventure!